In February 2021, BFC conducted a study of the pet food market in Ukraine.
Key market trends were identified and forecast development scenarios for 2022-2024 were built.
The profiles of the main market operators were analyzed, including retail chains, local producers as well as distributors and importers.

1. General market overview

1.1. Market description

1.2. Market trend analysis

1.3. General market indicators, calculation of market capacity

1.4. Market structuring and segmentation

1.5. Pet food with bio-additives, food – prophylactic medicines

2. Production and sales dynamics

2.1. Production dynamics in physical terms

2.2. Sales dynamics in value terms

3. Main market operators

3.1. Main market operators’ profiles

3.2. Structuring of the main market operators (by specialization, groups, segments, regionally, etc.)

3.3. Market shares of major operators

3.4. Competition and risks

4. Foreign trade

4.1. Export (volumes, structure, geography of supplies by country, prices, main exporters)

4.2. Import (volumes, structure, geography of supplies by country, prices, main importers)

5. Price and pricing in the market

5.1. Assortment on the market. Dynamics of prices for products

5.2. The main factors influencing the price, structure

5.3. Retail prices.

6. Product consumption in the market

6.1. Consumer preferences for products, consumer portrait

6.2. Structuring and segmentation of consumption. Online consumption

7. Branding and advertising

8. Product distribution channels on the market

9. Range of products on the market

10. Conclusions and recommendations. Market development prospects

11. Investment attractiveness of the industry

11.1. SWOT Analysis

11.2. Barriers and risks to market entry

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