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Business Format Consulting (BFC)

Company has been operating on consulting market since 2006. For the past 13 years we have performed many projects and accumulated considerable and successful experience. By 2019 we have transformed into the Company with broad external relations, outstanding public and industrial activity, numerous representatives in different countries as well as high-performance partners. We are proud of our team and clients, together we generate successful solutions.

BFC is actively involved in scientific researches. We generate and distribute highly specialized marketing and financial products, but we also offer solutions on the global level such as funding attraction through our program of identification, realization of client’s export potential and other initiatives. We are always open to new ideas and communications, and believe in success of multinational cooperation.

BFC is at the forefront of management thinking and practice in the areas of global competitive advantage, international marketing, strategic sales planning and construction of infrastructure sales. We are proud that our ideas are successful practical application.

Many of those companies with which we have managed to build a very deep and strong relationships, were able to transform entire industries.

Our mission

  • Creating competitive advantage through unique solutions
  • Increasing effectiveness of organisations through automatization
  • Providing long-term results
  • Discovering unparalleled opportunities for personal growth
  • Achieving success together and building partnerships based on trust