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Export Consulting

BFC will help you to find prospective distributors or clients in selected countries

Our company provides comprehensive services in the international markets which include:

  • Global Market Research
  • Country Selection
  • Database of prospective clients or distributors
  • Initial communication
  • Identification of companies interested in cooperation
  • Transfer of contacts to our Client

TOP-5 advantages of export activity

  • increase of sales revenue
  • profit growth
  • economies of scale
  • growing image of successful brand
  • diversification of markets

The main objective of consulting project implementation is to improve the activity of the company in the market through expansion of markets for company products’ sales. 

New markets identification diversifies company’s risks, as well as give an opportunity to increase sales volume and reach a new level of corporate governance. 

Access to foreign markets – an indicator of the company’s development and success of the brand and transition to a new stage of its development.

Stages of the Project on export potential

The overall objectives of the Project:

  • access to new markets (foreign markets)
  • diversification of sales channels
  • increase the efficiency of sales

The BFC company has developed a unique software based on algorithms developed by group of leading experts by combining experience of foreign managers and software analysts. It can handle large databases and apply filters for identification of the most promising markets individually for our Client’s  request. We conducted projects to discover export potential in Europe, Asia, Middle East and other regions.